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Snapchat is one of those apps which people love to hate. A lot has been written about this app and how it supposedly encourages sexting. We are not here to make any moral judgements about this app. We are just here to take a look at how this app scores on the Vnturous App Marketing Grader.

The main functionality of the app is very simple. You take a photo or video and then send it to your friends. You can choose how long your friend can view the picture before it expires. People seem to love this functionality and this app claims to be processing more than 20 millions photos everyday.


Vnturous App Marketing Grade: 46


What works well for Snapchat

  •  In our honest opinion, this is one of those apps which is strongly powered by the media coverage it is receiving. This app has been covered in a majority of the top tech blogs, as well as, numerous mainstream news websites which has resulted in a huge number of users trying out this app. What needs to be seen is how well the app will continue to do once the media coverage stops.


What doesn’t work well for Snapchat

  • Snapchat does a very poor job across the board when it comes to app marketing. If it had not received the level of press coverage that it did, we are not sure if it would have any meaningful user base.
  • Snapchat lacks a demo video or advanced screenshots. The screenshots available in the app store are very basic and do not really sell the app.
  • This app has very poor viral functionality. It does not leverage Facebook or twitter and does not even allow people to share their love for the app. e.g. If the user really loves the app, there is no way for the user to go ahead and share the app on Facebook. Snapchat just allows you to select from your list of phone contacts.
  • For an app which is meant to be more fun when used with friends there is absolutely no Facebook integration. You cannot login with Facebook, there is no presence in Facebook app center.
  • Another important tactic which the app is ignoring is leveraging its competitors names in app description. We have written about this tactic in detail in the DIY App Marketing Bootcamp course. By using this tactic the developers should easily be able to steal users from other apps, especially Facebook Poke.
  • The review acquiring functionality of the app is extremely poor. The app neither encourages people to give positive reviews nor does it prevent users from giving bad reviews.

These were just a few areas for improvement. Get the full report with recommendations on over 25 different ways to improve this App’s Marketing grade.


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